Sign Design Basics

Effective signage is made through effective design practices. There is a significant amount of psychology involved in sign design because signs are meant to communicate and persuade. The proper mix of colors, fonts, shapes, and sizes become an important part of the design process. Shimp Sign & Design understands what drives the potential customer and can make sure your sign design meets that need.

Generally speaking, a sign should be readable, attractive, and easily distinguishable from its surroundings. Stick to a few colors that will contrast with each other nicely. However, the sign should not stick out from its surroundings to a degree which alienates it from the general feel of the area. There needs to be a certain amount of harmony between sign and surroundings.

Equally important is that the message is communicated quickly and effectively. Signs that are organized and read easily are much more effective than the opposite. This is especially important for roadside signage as the drivers’ time to recognize and react is reduced. Changeable signs, which allow you to update your message, should contain as few words as possible. And having the correct letter size will ensure readability for moving traffic. For a professionally designed and cost effective sign, call Shimp Sign & Design.