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Sign Installation nightmares.

Sign Installation nightmares.


A sign installation can be a complex process. Even a small sign installation has its issues. When digging post holes (a basic, common process) the technician must be aware of underground power lines, fiber optic cables, irrigation lines, etc. A basic sign installation can turn into a big ordeal if the technician is not familiar with these issues.

It may seem farfetched but accidently cutting utility lines is a fairly common occurrence. Most irrigation lines are shallow and easily damaged. It has been reported in the local news that a man cut through a fiber optic line, shutting down ATM machines in a nearby shopping mall. Last September in Maryland, a man had to be hospitalized for accidentally cutting through an underground electric line with his post hole digger. Wouldn’t that ruin your day – hiring a sign contractor only to have him cut the power line to your building, injuring himself in the process? Or how about the story of one merchant whose electric sign shorted out and caused a building fire?

This is why it’s good to have a sign contractor that’s experienced in dealing with installation issues. It’s important that the contractor works with local companies that check for underground lines and mark their location accordingly. This way the installation is safe, quick and efficient; the job done neatly and professionally, no corners cut.