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Different Sign Styles, pt 2

In the last blog post I wrote about exterior signs. This time I will cover interior signs.

This sign for Silver Chiropractic and Wellness is one of my favorites. The color motif came together really well; the colors compliment each other. The letters are mounted on the wall using a silicone based glue. In order to keep all the letters level, we lay out a paper pattern and mark the location using a light powder. From there we can easily stick the letters on and clean the powder away.

If you’ve read my last blog post, you may notice a sign similar in style to this one. The Riverside Dental sign has the logo graphics mounted onto clear acrylic with a frosted background. The letters themselves are metal. It’s a great look for an interior sign.

Elite Smiles here is an excellent example of design proficiency. This shows how you can take different letter styles and arrange them to compliment each other. It’s about the little touches that all come together; the ‘T’ that crosses over the other letters, the line separating the words, and the way ‘Dentistry’ is spaced out. The sign comes together perfectly.

The Metropolitan is another example of a great design, it has excellent uniformity. One part of the sign that is interesting, is the word ‘The” that is offset at the top of the sign. It’s strange that it works out so well. You wouldn’t think it would look so good like that but it looks great.

This sign for Chase Home Loans has a brass laminate finish. Each individual letter was cut using a CNC router for precision, and then polished in order to give it a shine. This brass finish is popular for financial institutions that want an upscale look.