Florida Living

sandblasted pvc sign

Florida is one of the best places to live in the country. Lots of sunshine and warm weather, beautiful coastlines and inland marshes. We get to enjoy nature and the outdoors more than our neighbors to the north. We have a “Florida style” of living that reveals itself in the clothes we wear, the foods we eat, and the environments we live in.

Many Floridians reside in gated communities and/or subdivisions. Each community has it’s own unique name and often a “theme” is conveyed through its architecture and signage.

sandblasted sign

The Florida trend in community signage is a preference for the “natural environments” i.e images of water, wood, tropical foliage, wildlife, etc. As sign professionals we have learned through experience that wood, though beautiful, is not a good choice for durability in the wet, hot, Florida environment. That’s why we have developed our own Florida line of signs and products that look natural but are actually synthetic. Unlike wood, PVC and HDU (high density urethane) will never rot and insects won’t eat them. Another advantage to using these materials is easy maintenance. Synthetics can withstand numerous washings with soap and water without degrading the material and they can be painted with common water based house paints.

Our line of synthetic wood signs is very popular with local home owners associations because these durable materials significantly cut the costs of both sign maintenance and sign replacement. Also, our PVC sign frames and decorated sign posts enhance the look of ordinary utility signs.

stop sign
Some of the products in the “Florida Line” include:
– community entrance signs
– directional signs
– sign posts
– street names
– house numbers
– pool rules, tennis, spa, etc.
– traffic signs, etc.

Check out our website or come by our shop to see examples of our Florida line. Your community signs will stay looking good longer and with less maintenance…giving you more free time to enjoy the Florida lifestyle!